Root Directory

Keeps Track of all files on your preferred root directory and alerts you when any of the files is altered by unauthorised entity.

SMS Alert

Sends SMS alert to your desired phone number when alteration is detected. Prevents website alteration or manipulation by hijacker.

Wordpress & PHP

Installable Wordpress plugin or standalone PHP application. Highly recommended for all PHP based web application.

Track keeper is Free ($0.00)

Trackkeeper keeps track of your webdirectory files and alerts you via email / SMS when intruders alters any of the files inside the watch directory. Basic trackkeeper features is free, extended features is just about $0.99/month.

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying...

Protect your website now, see what Trackkeeper users are saying

I spent countless hours working on projects, the least I expect is to have someone alter my files and disrupt my client's business but it happened and I have to make another site from scratch. I started using Track Keeper, to keep watch on any website i develop.

“When a server is compromised, We reach out to our clients to inform them, but since we discovered track keeper, Track keeper is doing all the work and in most case website managers get information earlier and apply fix where necessary.”

“I manage about 69 wordpress websites and blogs and I ensure that all my websites and blogs are tracked. It gives me total peace of mind. I recommend Track Keeper for all wordpress installation”

How It Works

Quick start guide

Download a copy of Track keeper PHP standalone Application or Wordpress plugin, and complete the installation process. Installation instruction is included in the download file below.

{Non-Subscribers} Follow the instruction on the manual to capture your files. Onces all your files have been captured, you can manually check your files from time to time using "file compare" to see if any of your files have been altered and when it was altered.

{Subscribers} If you are subcribed to Track Keeper, Track Keeper will routinely check your files and inform you of any alterations in your files and possibly (optional) delete all files that have been added by unauthorised users.

Track Keeper subscription ranges from $0 to $1.9/month.




Pricing table with four columns and solid color background.


Completely free
$ 0.00/mo.
3 site
  • Email Alert
  • Monitored
  • No SMS Alert


$ 0.99/mo.
5 sites
  • Email Alert
  • On Radar
  • SMS Alert


$ 1.99/mo.
20 sites
  • Email Alert
  • On Radar
  • SMS Alert